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Recently there has been considerable concern around hand hygiene and protecting yourself against germs and bacteria, due to the recent swine flu outbreak. That’s why we’ve created this useful guide to good hand hygiene, and the steps you can take in keeping bacteria at bay. Below are a few of your main concerns that we’ve answered.

Q. When should I wash my hands?

A. You should wash your hands before preparing or eating food, and before treating cuts and grazes.

You should also wash your hands after visiting the bathroom, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, handling uncooked foods such as meat and poultry, putting out rubbish and working outside or in the garden.

After visiting public places such as shopping centres and supermarkets due to the volume of people touching common items such as doors, chip and pin machines and money.

Q. How should I wash my hands?

A. Apply Hygienics hand wash to the palm of your hands and rub together, then place under a warm running tap, making sure to clean between fingers, ensuring the back of hands and wrists are cleaned too.

Continue rubbing hands together for at least 10-15 seconds, then rinse excess soap off and dry hands thoroughly.

Q. What if I don’t always have access to water?


A. If you’re on the move and don’t have access to water, Hygienics hand gels are the perfect solution. These are a waterless gel that simply rubs into the hands and dries without the need for paper towels, and it also kills 99.9% of bacteria due to its high alcohol level, ensuring your hands are kept hygienically clean. This also comes in a handy 100ml, and 50ml pack, making it even more convenient whilst on the move.

Q. How do I use Hygienics hand gels?

A. Using hand gels is easy, just apply the gel to the palms of hands, rub hands together thoroughly for 10-15 seconds ensuring coverage all over hands and wrists, and in between fingers, then allow to dry naturally.

Q. Does Hygienics hand gel kill Swine Flu?

A. To date no hand gels have been proven to kill swine flu, however, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from swine flu is by practicing good hygiene, such as washing your hands regularly, or using an alcohol hand gel when water and soap are not available.


Q. How effective is Hygienics hand gel?

A. Hygienics hand gel kills 99.9% of bacteria, making it an extremely effective product, ensuring you and your family are protected, clean and healthy.


Q. Where can I buy Hygienics hand wash and hand gels?

A. Hygienics is available through a number of leading retailers in the UK. Click here to find out more

Q. How do most diseases spread from one person to another?

A. Most infectious diseases are spread by the hands as they come into direct contact with the mouth, nose and eyes. The best way in which to prevent disease spreading is to sanitise hands regularly using either Hygienics hand wash or hand gel.

If you have any further questions, why not email is at [email protected] and we’ll post your reply.