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The new Hygienics Ultimate Hand Gel Range

A tough hand gel that won't let you down

Hygienics Ultimate hand gels have been specifically formulated to be tough on a wide range of bacteria whilst being kind to hands.

Its 70% alcohol formulation kills 99.99% of bacteria quickly, whilst its moisturising ingredients keep skin feeling soft and nourished.

Developed for everyday use, Hygienics Ultimate Hand Gel has been laboratory tested to pr EN 12054:1995 & BS EN 1500:1997, ensuring it combats MRSA & E-coli. It is also effective in the removal of a wide range of bacteria, keeping consumers safe and protected.


Available in 500ml, 250ml, 100ml & 50ml variants.

Hygienics 500ml Hand Gel
Hygienics 100ml Hand Gel
Hygienics 50ml Hand Gel
Hygienics 250ml Hand Wash
Hygienics 500ml Hawthorn Hand Wash
Hygienics 500ml Wild Orchid Hand Wash
Hygienics 500ml Lavender Hand Wash